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Our System – Move well. Live well.

We’ve all experienced a level of pain so intense somewhere, that even the thought of moving that region made us feel sick. Kinesiophobia is the term used for this fear of pain due to movement.

The power of the mind is still something that baffles scientists today. You may have heard of those odd, almost folk-lore situations where a person has been able to lift a car off of a loved one when under extreme stress. These are situations that are hard to explain physiologically, yet still happen somehow. As much as we can make positive thinking work for us, the same can be said with negative emotions eliciting unfavorable outcomes.

It may be as simple as positive emotions enabling us to adopt healthy behaviours, or a chain of physiological reactions stemming from our central nervous system signalling hormonal responses. Perhaps the explanation is more metaphysical in nature, and not yet within our realm of understanding. Whatever forces are truly at play, we do know that with regards to pain, disability, and quality of life, all the evidence out there points to movement being an integral foundation for healthy living.

The longer you avoid/fear movement, the longer you will stay in pain, and the lower quality of life you will experience.

This is why our system at Strike Recovery and Performance revolves around movement. Our goal is to get you off the treatment tables as soon as possible and treat you in motion. We want to watch you squat, to pick something up off the floor, to do what you most fear while within the controlled space that we have created. What if you only feel shoulder pain when loading your shoulder press at 100lbs? We want to put you in that specific position of provocation and see what is really going on. Your mechanics while “loaded” (with resistance) and while performing activities of daily living are often far different than what you would “demo” for your General Practitioner in their office. After proper assessment, we want to see how far we need to regress and re-train, before we can progress you past where you were.

Remember this: “Motion is lotion.” Heard that quote sometime in grad school – semi-cringeworthy, but you get it. Now let’s get you moving. Come by the clinic and let’s see where we can optimize your movement.


Dr. Bernard Kim, DC


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