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Adductor training – Preventing Injuries

Adductor training – Preventing Injuries

Hip Exercises to help Build Adductor Strength and Prevent Injury The adductors provide important support for your hips and lower body and contribute to hip strength and mobility. Incorporating exercises which target these muscles can help to improve mobility and decrease your risk of injury. Having strong hips is an integral part of injury prevention, sports performance, as well as maintaining mobility as you age. With respect to strength training, the adductors are often overlooked because they can be difficult to train properly In this blog, we’ll provide details about the function of the adductors, where they’re located, some exercises to strengthen them, and...

To Stretch or Not to Stretch? Strike Recovery and Performance

To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

The answer to this question will depend on many factors, such as what types of exercise and stretching you intend to do. Some do it everyday, some do it once a week, and some haven’t done it in years. Most of us probably learned how to stretch way back in elementary school in our PE classes. Today, those that still stretch might say it prevents injuries, improves performance, or just feels good all around. Those that don’t stretch usually admit that they should stretch, but just don’t work it in. Today, there is lots of science-backed research that explains the benefits of...

Our System – Move well. Live well.

We’ve all experienced a level of pain so intense somewhere, that even the thought of moving that region made us feel sick. Kinesiophobia is the term used for this fear of pain due to movement. The power of the mind is still something that baffles scientists today. You may have heard of those odd, almost folk-lore situations where a person has been able to lift a car off of a loved one when under extreme stress. These are situations that are hard to explain physiologically, yet still happen somehow. As much as we can make positive thinking work for us, the...